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I’ve been quite busy this last week with unusual tasks, catching up with some of the big projects at home that have been “on backorder” for a while. I’ve hardly thought about posting to The Plucked Chicken.

It seems we’re getting visitors from surprising places now. There have always been some in Australia. Now I’m seeing more in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. In fact it looks as though the only continent from which The Plucked Chicken is not receiving any visits is Antarctica. Well, it’s running on Linux, so I know the penguins are interested at heart.

In Ohio:

  • Perrysburg

  • Toledo

  • Mechanicsburg

  • Trenton

  • Tipp City

In Michigan:

  • Plymouth

  • Menominee

  • Troy

  • Saginaw

A new town in Minnesota with a lone visit this week is the town of Jacobson. Never heard of it before. I wonder if it’s spelled right. Also:

  • Rushmore

  • Adrian

  • Princeton

  • Owatonna

  • Lewiston

  • Mcintosh

In Illinois:

  • Skokie

  • Chicago

  • Buffalo Grove

  • Windsor

If you recognize among these names the place where your ISP is located, please be welcome to drop me a note introducing yourself. Send it to jmjac at gorge dot net, after fixing the address.

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