Appeal Commission 2 Report is Out

I’m not going to repeat the findings here, yet. I can see how the conclusion makes sense, but I deeply lament that it brings our synod no closer to a peaceful resolution of the divisive spirit that began working in earnest at the 2005 synod convention. We have not figured out what is the proper course of action when a congregation perceives that an influential synod official has committed some grave error or public sin. Certainly, any impenitent sinner should not be communed. But how can this be applied when the person in question is a member of a sister congregation, and his own pastor disagrees that he has committed public sin? This is a poorly defined area of casuistry, which we have unwisely been expecting appeals commissions to deal with. I understand why the appeals commissions prefer not to do so, yet the door is open for the schismatic spirit in our midst to wreak further havoc.

You can see what I have written before on these matters in other posts.

One thought on “Appeal Commission 2 Report is Out

  1. I feel as though I am very much in the dark here. I have not heard about this before. Was there a second look or a second opinion on these matters? By who or whom?

    *[J.J.: I’ll post more on this when I have the opportunity. It was a second appeal and commission. More to follow…]*

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