Teaching Children to Learn by Heart

One of the responsibilities parents have is to teach their children the Way to heaven. Young children are very good at learning and memorizing things, so that is the best time for them to begin learning by heart what they will need to know later.

Well-run Christian schools are a great blessing to parents, because they are essentially the cooperation of many parents in teaching their children the Way to heaven, among other things. A long time ago in this land, it was understood that every school was supposed to teach the Way to heaven, but at some point, the state and national governments began taking the responsibility for education. When that happened, the quality and course of education was no longer determined by the judgment of parents, but by the judgment of experts associated with the government. Again, the great American experiment of individual liberty was replaced by something else. But I (a product of our public school system) digress. The point is that Christian schools today can still serve parents by teaching children the Way to heaven. Some do this better than others, which is why Lutheran Schools of America may prove to be rather important.

Whether children learn the Way to heaven at home only, or also at school, the very young should start learning it by heart as soon as practical. To that end, parents (and other teachers) should consider using Memory Work for Lutheran Schools and Homes, a rework of a well-thought-out curriculum for teaching the Way to heaven, by heart.

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