Tired and Overwhelmed

The Bi-Colored Python Rock Snake highlights an article in the British press about our President’s low-key reception of the Prime Minister. The main point of the article didn’t interest me nearly as much as the handful of reasons speculated for the President’s departures from customary etiquette. He’s tired, not getting enough sleep. He’s overwhelemed with domestic economic conditions. He’s suffering from nicotine withdrawal. I have to sympathize with the poor man. Just think: General Motors may not survive the decade in its current form. What’s a President to do?

With all due respect, I suggest that Mr. Obama consider following the Constitution more closely, especially the part about limitations to the Federal government’s powers. It’s not only beneficial for the good of the people, but for the well-being of its leaders. Too many bucks have stopped at his office over the years, that should have stopped long before reaching it. Likewise, too many bucks have been stopped there that should have been passed on to the divine power above 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. That the President is not omnipotent should be accepted by all, but it seems some still want the pretense, if only to win elections.

Much better for us all to stay within our constitutional, civil vocations.

2 thoughts on “Tired and Overwhelmed

  1. Unfortunately, indeed.

    Imagine… if elected officials took their job descriptions from the Constitution. What a thought.

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