Marriage Equality?

I’d mentioned the deceitful term “Committed Same-Gender Relationships.” Dr. Veith highlights “more language games,” another attempt to re-frame a moral issue to be more favorable to those who would like to change the relevant morality upon which our society is based. He quotes from the WaPo.

So when someone says “This is a civil rights issue,” pushing for “marriage equality,” my first question is this. Who is being denied marriage? Is it those under 18, who must have their parents’ written consent in many places (though ironically, parental consent is not required in every place for pregnant girls to abort their children)? Is it wards of the state, prison inmates, or those proven incompetent to manage the responsibilities of marriage?

Of course, the implied claim is that homosexuals are being denied marriage, which is patently false. There are many people who practice sinful lifestyles — even compulsively, who are allowed to marry. Mobsters, hucksters, thieves, liars, rebellious, abortionists, and yes, even compulsive adulterers and fornicators. I myself am an example of a hereditary sinner who has been afforded the privilege of marriage.

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