I’m an on-demand listener of Issues, Etc., and recently heard this segment, in which Os Guinness, as guest, describes the problem of civility in public discourse. (I’ll try to embed the audio link below.) I suppose the problem is not civility, per se, but a lack of civility. He has a book out on that subject that may be worth reading. At least, I recommend that any Christian concerned about the civic duties of a citizen should at least listen to the IE segment linked above.

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If you don’t usually like the talk radio format because you can’t stand listening to the bloviating of the uninformed, then you should try IE anyway. The guests generally do a fine job of describing the issue under discussion, and are usually “subject-matter experts” by vocation.

Guinness also referred to The Williamsburg Charter, something I hadn’t heard about before. When time permits, I’d like to read that too, because it seems Guinness has put his finger on a root problem for Christians in American society, and even in the wider world.

There’s a blog advertisement for IE that I’ve tried to include on The Plucked Chicken, but the Javascript in it produced some wacky behavior. So for now, you’ll just have to take my word for it that I enjoy learning and listenening on demand.

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