Bad formatting (Updated)

Sorry about the bad formatting of that last post. I’ll have to do some checking when I have the chance. Something is amok with Markdown.

OK, it seems to be working now. I turned off another feature that had suddenly broken. There was also an Apache-related memory leak. It’s hard to say just where, though, because Apache does so much. Chances are, it was somewhere in the general area of PHP.

No, there’s still that memory leak. It’s pretty severe. I’m monitoring things now to see which process is causing it.

Stardate 200905282308: Memory usage has been normal. The site is still up. I think it might work.

Nope. Went down again. Turns out that Mysql is freezing up. After getting back to real life for a few days, I’ve repaired the Mysql tables with the server offline. We’ll see what happens now.

For Joe:

# mysql --version
mysql  Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.51a, for debian-linux-gnu (i486) using readline 5.2

I’m looking to see what updates there are in Debian.

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