Connectivity problems

Last Friday, our Internet connection was inexplicably down. Ironically, this happened just after we received our ISP bill. Well, that kind of thing, though rare, is unavoidable, so I waited to see if it would get fixed. Saturday morning, it was running again… until 10:00. From that time until this morning, the Plucked Chicken was locked in the coop. For the thousands of people (heh) who were disappointed at not finding the PC online, I apologize. For those who are on various mailing lists I’m hosting, I really hope it doesn’t happen again.

It turned out that something fried on the other end of our DSL link. It’s nice when it wasn’t really my fault, but unfortunate when it happens at the beginning of the weekend, and I can’t prove it to the ISP’s weekend skeleton crew on tech support.

Well, the bird is out of the coop. Maybe I’ll find something interesting to post.

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