A Surprising MSM Adjustment

Would you agree that the point of view in this particular report represents a tiny slice of media reporting on this topic? As you watch, notice which claims or opinions are backed up with genuine facts, and which are not. In our postmodern day, there are some who think that facts and truth are human inventions, but I mean accurate descriptions of actual events. Which claims are supported?

It should also be said that carrying a weapon of any kind (and most of us use many things that could be construed as weapons in a certain context) requires a certain responsibility. On one hand, we must realize that “The World Is Very Evil,” as the hymn says. That means we may well be called upon by our circumstances to defend the life, property, or well-being of one another. On the other hand, we must realize that the act of such defense is likely to result in injury or even death of human beings. The purpose of defensive action is to prevent such injury or death, but “the world is very evil.” While the ideal is that nobody should ever be injured or killed, it is better for our neighbors if the ones who mean harm are the ones injured, rather than those who are willing to live peacefully. This is the reasoning reflected in the Second Amendment and encoded into the laws of many states.

From a spiritual perspective, God does not necessarily condone self defense, but He does require us to defend our neighbor. Our laws, on the other hand, generally recognize a right to self defense, as well as the defense of our neighbor.

In this way (and more) we can apply the principles we obtain from the Kingdom of the Right as we live in the Kingdom of the Left, but there is much more to say. Feel free to do so.

3 thoughts on “A Surprising MSM Adjustment

  1. Jesse, we are our own neighbors. Self defense is truly biblical. We are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Therefore, it is truly commendable to protect ourselves–not necessarily our old natures, but for sure our new natures. God be with you and your family always. Pastor ktd

  2. Thanks for adding this, Kent. I expected that someone would. I don’t disagree, but I also see the self-sacrificing example of Jesus, and what He says in Matthew 5:39-45. The question is how to apply it. It’s noteworthy that Jesus doesn’t say “let a murderer kill you.” I think that in most cases, self-defense is also in the best interests of our neighbor (e.g. our spouse, children, other dependents, community, etc.). God bless.

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