Certainty about Doctrine

Theologically liberal churches avoid on principle what they call “doctrines and creeds.” They seem to consider such things evil. Here’s something that the Lutheran Confessions have to say about that. (The Lutheran Confessions define what the name “Lutheran” means.)

This is the case: being instructed from the prophetic and apostolic Scriptures, we are sure about our doctrine and Confession. … Besides, this matter is important also for another reason. There are troublesome and contentious people who do not allow themselves to be bound to any formula of the pure doctrine. They may not have the freedom to stir up controversies, according to their good pleasure, that cause grounds for offense, or to publish and fight for extreme opinions. For eventually the result of these things is that the pure doctrine is hidden and lost. Then nothing is passed on to future generations except academic opinions and delays of judgment.

Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, Second Edition, p. 10.

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