Your Thoughts, Should You Choose to Share Them

Here’s a presentation of a certain philosophy that seems pretty compelling. I’d like to watch it again and digest it some more, but my initial thought is that it may contradict the biblical view of earthly government. I say may because, well, I’d like to watch it again to be sure I understand it. On the other hand, a philosophy like this may be in a different category than the moral strictures of holy writ. It may describe the way a government (for example) should operate, rather than the way it may operate. Is there room for such a distinction?

It would mean that this philosophy provides only part of a worldview, requiring other things, like religion, to inform morality. Of course, it would require Christianity to provide the Gospel, and that may indicate a serious weakness of this philosophy for the Christian: instead of being oriented around love for our neighbor as inspired by the Gospel, it’s oriented around individual liberty. Does that echo the Fall into sin, or does it echo the dignity of every human person as God’s creation? Maybe there’s something here for both the Old Adam and the New Man.

I’d appreciate your thoughts on this, or your reaction to the presentation. Note that this philosophy is not even nominally Christian, but I think it draws much from the Christian worldview.

One thought on “Your Thoughts, Should You Choose to Share Them

  1. I’m really going to try hard not to spout all my instincts about this video after only one watch. It is very interesting, very compelling, very well made. But it is also very rich in content and takes more than one view.

    I have a techy question for you. Is there a way to pause a flash presentation like that one? It would be more conducive to analysis if that were possible. I had kids on and off my lap, so didn’t try space bar or control p or anything, but I might next time. Maybe Joe knows…

    More later. Maybe.

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