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You may have noticed the lack of postings here on The Plucked Chicken in the last several weeks. My online writing time has been dedicated to posting a series of excerpts from Telling the Next Generation, a new paperback released this year on the past and present vision for Christian education in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Those excerpts have been going up on the church blog instead of here, because they are of special interest to the members of the congregations I serve. However, they are also of general interest to a wider audience, so readers of The Plucked Chicken may wish to mosey over to Confession and Life and see some of these excerpts.

Otherwise, most of my spare time is spent this summer and fall in preparing our house for the arrival of twins, expected in December. Meanwhile, I’m trying to prepare as much October-through-December parish work as I can, anticipating a lack of opportunity to fulfill this aspect of my vocation as other demands take over.

There is much work yet to be done.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I had noticed, and I will check over there instead.

    Congratulations on the conception of the twins! Lord’s blessings on your wife’s pregnancy and your preparations for their births!

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