Good papers at the GPC (We’re finally studying the doctrine!)

I missed one of the main papers delivered at the GPC, and one that I was eagerly anticipating was removed from the agenda at the eleventh hour. The remaining three papers were very good, and all of them were significant contributions toward a common understanding and confession of the doctrine of the ministry.

Three of the papers originally on the agenda were meant to contribute to our common study of the ministry. One of them, as I mentioned, was removed. I wish I could explain why, but it will have to be enough to say that the presenter is not under discipline in the synod right now, but has made a public confession that he does not accept the theological basis for a break in fellowship between the synod and Rolf Preus.

In hindsight, it seems that our synod has managed to end our controversy on the ministry before genuine, corporate study began. In other words, we have already produced a doctrinal statement (and imparted to it a normative character in our midst). Only now have we begun the study that may result in a common understanding of what we mean. Since we seem to be following the normal path in reverse, we may soon discover the question that started our controversy! Seriously, we need to take a break from our recent “fellowship” actions so that we can return together to a more reasonable timeline and sequence of study and debate.

One thought on “Good papers at the GPC (We’re finally studying the doctrine!)

  1. Fr. Jacobsen,
    Is there any chance that us lowly laymen can see what is in those papers? Are they (or will they be) posted online?

    – – –

    *My response:*

    One is posted [here]( When the others become available online, I’ll post their links.

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