Ministry Papers from the 2006 ELS General Pastoral Conference

I have either uploaded or linked to two of the papers from here. There was one other ministry paper delivered, and if it becomes available, I will post it there as well.

That link page is part of a little project to document our ministry controversy. There hasn’t really been enough time for me to keep up on updates. So, if anyone happens to have something or notices that I don’t have a link to something important, please call or send a message about it.

One thought on “Ministry Papers from the 2006 ELS General Pastoral Conference

  1. I don’t know about everyone else who reads this blog, but I’ve been waiting for some comment on the papers that were delivered at the GPC. You’ve had the papers uploaded for a while now, so everybody’s had a chance to read them. In a previous post, you made the general comment that “we’re finally talking theology!!” (author’s exclamation points). So, what gives? Tell us what you thought.

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