Concordia, Second Edition

Ah, they arrived today. I wondered if CPH would remember my order from some time last summer. They did.

Two copies of the second edition of Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions. They are wonderful. Now I have a copy to read at both churches and at home.

Now, I thought the first edition was good, and I hope CPH didn’t lose track of me as a purchaser. It’s possible my copy was part of a group order for members at Grace, so I may have to request that the “update” materials be sent to my new address. But at least I already have the second edition to enjoy.

I’ve read some of the introductory material. Two thumbs up so far. The timeline will be more fun to read than you might think. I noticed something about the first known batch of scotch made in Scotland. That was included only for reference and interest, I’m sure. It scores both ways.

What I’d really like to do is dive into the 52-week, daily reading schedule. It’s really just Monday through Friday, not daily. That leaves me with extra time to write blog posts about the week’s readings. I intend to do that on the church blog, Confession and Life so that the posts might be used in our printed newsletter too. I will welcome comments and cross-blog chatter on these topics. If anyone else would like to join in on the same reading schedule (beginning Monday), it could be the basis for some good doctrinal discussion.

One thought on “Concordia, Second Edition

  1. Glad you are happy with it. We did, I admit, have a bit of fun adding interesting facts to the timeline, like “first toothbrush” and “first use of forks at a meal” and “introduction of coffee” and such. It’s a fascinating period of human history and fun to think about the world in those times.

    God bless your reading and study. I’ve been doing that since Jan 1 and have found it to be a real blessing.

    I worked so much on this book and then…worked on it so much again I have, finally just now, the chance simply to enjoy it, and that I am.

    Cordially in Christ,

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