You, the Readers

Like Pastor Abrahamson at The Abrahamsons, I find it interesting to see where the readers are. I’ve been surprised to find how many people actually view The Plucked Chicken, for starters. Lately I’ve also noticed a spike in traffic on Thursdays. What’s happening on Thursdays? I don’t know. But there are about twice as many visits Thursdays as there are Wednesdays.

Here are the approximate places where some of our readers access The Plucked Chicken. If you recognize this as your home town, or at least where your ISP is located, feel free to send me an email and let me know who you are. You can use jmjac at gorge dot net. Just fix the address first. The following visitors were all from yesterday. I can guess who some of you are, but not all. And don’t worry about me publishing your names. Unless you tell me it’s OK with you, I won’t do it. You could give me an alias, though. 🙂

In Minnesota:

  • Minneapolis

  • Mankato

  • Madison Lake

  • Bagley

  • Kasota

  • Lismore

  • Trail

  • Winger

In Washington:

  • Everett

  • Snohomish

  • Klickitat

In Oregon:

  • Hood River

  • Portland

  • North Plains

  • Beaverton

In Arizona:

  • Phoenix

  • Prescott

And more… But I’ll mention the others another time.

4 thoughts on “You, the Readers

  1. I have one possible explanation for the heavy Thursday traffic. During Lent, for me Thursday is the new Monday- pastor’s day off.

  2. Wouldn’t that make Thursday, for you, a bit of a busman’s holiday, Shawn? I’d think you’d go do a bit of fly fishing, or motorcycle zen; maybe dip into some good fiction or try your hand at sonnet writing. Anything but theology, what? Need a new hobby, do we? How about pho-tography!


  3. Add a reader from central Illinois(e) … though I don’t check in as often as I ought, when I do, I read pretty much everything to “catch up.” Your work is appreciated here …

    Pax Christi (sola!),

  4. My ISP is from Minneapolis, I would guess. So’s my church buddy, Mr. Teigen. I haven’t been checking in much lately, due to health problems, though. I’m back now. Mr. Teigen is on a lenten blogging sabatical, but I’m not.

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