Another ELS Bright Spot, sort of.

This is another speech from the ELS convention, made by one of our pastors from the convention floor. I will leave him nameless for now. Though he only spoke for himself, many other pastors seem to share his thoughts and position. The good thing about this is that he was not suspended for saying this. His speech has several comments from the chairman embedded within it.

I should say that I sympathize with this approach, but it is not the approach I have taken with the PMW statement. Instead of saying that I can’t figure out what it means, I have interpreted it in a specific way that agrees with the Lutheran Confessions. I have published this interpretation here, with a more comprehensive explanation linked from the end of that page. While this is the only interpretation of the PMW that I can accept, I am still open to adjustments, if they are well-founded.> I was going to object to this muzzling. Now, I can’t speak for my congregation. I can only speak for myself. …

I have asked the praesidium 9, 10 months ago. I asked a member of the doctrinal committee last September. I have asked the circuit counselor to sit down with me on this statement, to explain it, to show me what it really says; to give me an official explanation of what it says. I have not received such.

Chairman: We’ve had a long meeting, though, you know that.

I know, I know. I have not received such, and I can’t be bound by that statement until I know what it says, as I expressed to you in a letter back in September. And I, I don’t know what it’s saying, to be honest, because there’s no definition of terms. And I’ve asked for such an explanation (and how’s it going to be forthcoming?), so that I can understand what it really says: an official explanation of what it says.

Until I know that, I won’t be bound with it. I won’t teach it. It’s not in defiance, it’s just I’m not going to teach and be bound by something when I don’t understand what it’s saying. And in consequence of that I can’t recognize or be in agreement with the suspension of Pastor Preus. It’s not a question of debate here, I just can’t agree with it. And I must say that I remain in fellowship with him and with the congregations he serves until such a time that I’m convinced that the statement is in keeping with the scripture. I’m not saying it’s not; I’m saying until I’m convinced that it is. OK?

Chairman: OK.

Thank you.

Chairman: And we know that the appeals commission has a lot of work ahead of them.

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