In the interest of concord in the Church

We judge that the greatest possible public concord which can be maintained without offending consciences ought to be preferred to all other interests. Apology XV, 52

What a bold judgment to make, and useful! So you’d like your church body to have a doctrinal statement that expresses something in more detail than what is confessed in the Book of Concord? If it is not a matter of conscience, and the resulting doctrinal statement would disrupt the concord of the church, then it is contrary to the Apology to go ahead and adopt the doctrinal statement.

4 thoughts on “In the interest of concord in the Church

  1. and btw, I’m a little confused by your topic designations for your posts.
    By taking the chi-rho out of the synod logo and using the two separate symbols for two separate topics, are you trying to make some statement about how true teaching about doctrine is to be kept separate from talking about any synod, even ours?
    If so, I might ask why, when you are talking about the synod, you are still willing to leave the outer border, which symbolizes the Holy Trinity. Maybe I’m just thinking about this too much, but I’d ask which confusion is more dangerous, failing to separate Jesus from the Synod, or thinking that Jesus can be separated from the Trinity?
    We’re watching you, Pastor. Those who live in houses of digital polemics shouldn’t mess with logos. …er, well, something like that. You know what I mean.

    [ Response: ]
    Good questions, but you have read too deeply into the logos. The main reason I started with the ELS logo in both cases is pure laziness, and a lack of artistic talent of my own. The reason they are altered is twofold. First, I needed two different images. Second, I wanted to avoid using the ELS logo itself. I thought the image for the ELS subject was rather clever, since the “ELS” are mirror-image backwards, so it is a perspective from the inside. But I don’t want to imply things unintentionally either. I could commission your brother to come up with some nice images for me, but for now, to avoid confusion, I’ll just change the images to something made from scratch.

  2. I have referred readers of my blog to you. You were in attendance at the ELS convention, I was not. I am a layman who is a member of King of Grace Lutheran in Golden Valley.

  3. Well, the ELS blogosphere tripled in May of 2006 and I didn’t even know it. I am glad for the company, especially since I am a laywoman of the very beginning type. I’ve already told Norman my thoughts, as a blogging friend and fellow KOG member, but Pastor Jacobsen, thank you for joining the confessional Lutheran blogosphere. Your voice is needed! I can’t emphasize that enough. I will also be watching you!

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