The Role of Religion in Politics and Government

This video is new to me, and is worth some careful thought. Certainly, there’s a lot of political posturing here, but between the lines, we can get some idea of the spiritual convictions of Barack Obama, and how they relate to his ideas of public service. I think they also relate to his idea of legitimate “religion.”

One thought on “The Role of Religion in Politics and Government

  1. If Obama met Jesus: “I’d want to know whether I was going up or down.”

    If Keyes met the Lord: “I’d want to know where He stands.”

    Interesting video. Keyes comes across not as the wacko he’s being painted as but as a clear, concise witness to Christ, with an honest statement that he would carry that Christian conscience into the voting booth and into public service.

    Obama not so much. Does this really reveal much about his faith or how he looks at religion beyond his commitment to keep religionandpolitics out of the public square? Perhaps that reveals much about his faith, after all.

    His comment about whether he is going up or down seems to imply a sense of “Have I earned a thumbs up or a thumbs down from you, Jesus?” sort of faith. I hope he doesn’t put a lot of hope in that.

    But hey, he doesn’t need Alan Keyes or anyone else to lecture him about Christianity. He’s got a thrown-under-the-bus pastor for that.

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