People do things. People exist. Groups or classes of people don’t exist except in the mind of the classifier. Even race doesn’t really exist; our race is “human.” An example is so-called “gay marriage.” Who has ever prevented homosexuals from marriage? Plenty of homosexuals have actually been married. It’s evident by the fact that in many cases, their homosexual activities have become a cause for divorce.
Objectively speaking, there is no group or class of “gays,” just as there is no group or class of “straights.” There are only people who behave one way or another. (Those who push for “gay marriage” really only want approval for their individual behavior.)

The important thing is people. When government starts treating us as groups or classes, we are dehumanized. It’s a step in the direction of socialism. Marxist thought, for example, only conceives of “classes,” not individuals.

The human creature’s individual personhood is a small but important part of our distinctiveness from all other corporeal creatures. So when the church wants to say something to the world, it should be about people, not about groups or classes. God’s Law applies to individuals. Jesus (a person) died for individuals. The message of the Gospel is meant to be spoken to individuals.

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