Dynamic IP Addresses; Welcome to a New Author

Until now, I’ve enjoyed having a static IP address, which was necessary for my wife’s work. That’s been convenient for hosting this domain at home. Now, however, we’re going to be cutting costs with a VoIP telephone service, and losing the no-longer-necessary static IP address. The availability of our home-hosted web sites will fluctuate as we transition to a dynamic DNS system, but I expect that things should settle down again by Lent.

My friend, pastor Aaron Hamilton, has posted an article from his church newsletter on The Plucked Chicken. I welcome him to the “staff,” and look forward to future postings. This is a good time to note that this blog is not really a “church blog.” I have another place for that on our parish web site. Instead, this is a place where we apply our faith and doctrine to all manner of things that crop up in life. So there are matters of Bible interpretation, doctrinal formulation, liturgics, and the like. There are also things that verge on the political, though I avoid official endorsements or exdorsements of candidates. Many matters are vocational in nature, whether domestic or otherwise. So I appreciate Aaron’s contribution, as it fits pretty well with our self-chosen mission here.

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