Listen to the Mom

My friend The Mom has a great meditative post today on justification and sanctification. Here’s a sample:

One country song in particular got my brain juices going. Writing (and reading) this is probably going to be a lengthier process than the few moments it took for my brain to get through it, but that’s the way brains are. They leap to big realizations in a mere moment’s time.

The song I heard was Awful Beautiful Life by Darryl Worley. The song paints the picture of a regular guy, making regular mistakes and finding joy in regular things.

If you read the rest of her post (via the link above), notice how applicable her line of thinking is to all kinds of people. Maybe even to you. Maybe even to me.

The most frequently-used lyrical songs in my experience these days are hymns. And I suppose theologically-sound, Christ-centered hymns are the best lyrical diet for anyone. Yet we should also take a little time now and then to ruminate on the other things we might hear. Sure, it may have false doctrine in it. (What on the radio, other than Bach night on MPR, doesn’t?) But the exercise of distinguishing the good from the bad can draw us into an edifying train of thought, even repentance and a renewed appreciation for God’s grace.

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